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Enjoy Our Tender Veal Cutlet and Chicken Dishes

If you love chicken or steak, change up your usual preference with our veal and other meat options. Ronaldo's Italian Restaurant in North Hampton, New Hampshire, will introduce your taste buds to a whole new experience with comfort food and hearty dishes.

Pasta In White Sauce  Pasta, Brocolli And White Wine

Vitello (Veal)

After tasting our veal cutlets, you'll want to have it every day. Try one of these:

Veal Parmigiana: Tender Veal Cutlet Quick Fried & Topped With House Meat Sauce & Mozzarella Cheese $22.49
Veal Saltimbocca: Tender Cutlet Topped With Sliced Plum Tomato, Prosciutto, & Mozzarella Cheese; Served With Sage & Marsala Wine Sauce With Mushrooms and a Touch Of Red Sauce $26.49
Veal Venezia: Our Classic Italian Combination Of Fresh Veal, Sausage, Sweet Peppers, & Fresh Basil, Steeped In Marsala Wine, & Seasoned Perfectly; Served Over Your Choice Of Pasta $30.49
Breaded Veal Portobello: Tender Veal Cutlet Dredged In Our House Crumbs & Pan-Fried, Then Topped With Sliced Portabella Mushrooms, Caramelized Onion, & Asiago Cheese $23.49
Veal Ronaldo: Tender Cutlets Of Veal Rolled With Prosciutto, Romano Cheese, & Spinach Greens, Then Sautèed In Marsala Wine With Mushrooms & Seasonings, Finished With a Touch Of Red Sauce $30.49

Chicken the Italian Way

Try chicken in a whole new way with our fresh take. Entrées not served over pasta are served with a choice of pasta, vegetable, or French fries. All full-size adult entrées are served with choice of soup or garden salad. Try our chicken marsala and other options, such as:

Chicken Parmigiana: Tender Chicken Cutlet Topped With Mozzarella Cheese & Meat Sauce $17.99
Chicken Piccata: A Breaded Chicken Cutlet Served Over Linguini and Topped With a Sautee Of Mushrooms, Capers, Plum Tomatoes, Fresh Basil, Lemon, & White Wine $16.99 for Lite, $25.49 for Full
Chicken Broccoli & Ziti: Tender Pieces Of Chicken Sautéed With Broccoli Florets In White Wine & Garlic Sauce With Herbs, & Spices; Served Over Penne Pasta With Fresh Basil & Diced Plum Tomatoes $17.99 for Lite, $25.49 for Full
Chicken Marsala: Tender Chicken Sautéed With Mushrooms, Garlic, & Spices In Marsala Wine With A Touch Of Our House Meat Sauce $25.49
Chicken Cacciatore: Tender Chicken Breast Sautéed With a Rainbow Of Fresh Vegetables In Marsala Wine With Spices, Finished With Our House Meat Sauce Over Your Choice Of Pasta $17.99 for Lite, $25.49 for Full
Chicken & Tortellini Tuscano: Tender Cubes Of Chicken Crusted In Our House Crumbs, Tossed With Cheese Tortellini, Sautèed Spinach Greens, Sundried Tomatoes, & Pesto Sauce $13.99 for Lite, $20.99 for Full
Chicken Aragosta: Pan-Fried Chicken Cutlet Topped With Artichoke Hearts, Mushrooms, Plum Tomatoes, & Lobster Meat Tossed In Fresh Basil-Lemon Cream Sauce $29.99
Sauteed Chicken Mediterano: Tender Chicken Cutlet sauteed & Topped With Caramelized Onion, Artichoke Hearts, Spinach Greens, & Asiago Cheese; Garnished With Our House Meat Sauce $23.99