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Get Together and Eat Delicious Comfort Food

After enjoying Italian antipasti at Ronaldo's Italian Restaurant in North Hampton, New Hampshire, try one of our specialties and pasta entrées. Share your meal or dig in all for yourself.

Delicious Food Comfort Food Italian Stuffed Cordon Bleu Freshly Prepared Meal

Simply Pasta 

There's no better comfort food than pasta. Add your favorite pasta including angel hair, penne rigate, linguine, fettuccini, cheese tortellini (add $2.00), gluten-free penne rigate, and gluten-free fusilli with:

Meat Sauce Or Marinara

Meatballs Or Sausage $15.49
Pesto Sauce & Plum Tomatoes $13.49
Fresh Basil-Tomato Cream Sauce $13.49
Carbonara Sauce, Pancetta Bacon, & Sweet Peas $18.49

Hearty Pasta Dishes

We offer a variety of pasta dishes ranging from ravioli to classic favorites. Choose from:

Cheese Ravioli Parmigiana: Three-Cheese Ravioli Topped With Mozzarella Cheese & Marinara Sauce $16.99
Fettuccini Alfredo: Ribbons Of Fettuccini Tossed In Our Unique Three Cheese & Alfredo Sauce $17.49
Ronaldo's Lasagna: Our Signature Lasagna Stuffed With Herbed Ricotta Cheese, Ground Beef, Sweet Italian Sausage, Chopped Egg, Mozzarella Cheese, & Our House Meat Sauce $16.99

Children's Menu

Our children's menu has selections for those ages 12 and under. Treat the kids to pasta with meatballs or sausage, cheese ravioli with meatballs, or chicken parmigiana for $7.99. We also offer veal parmigiana, chicken fingers, Italian bread pizza, fettuccini alfredo, or fried shrimp with French fries, each for $8.99.

Freshly-Prepared House Specialties

All of our entrées are prepared using fresh ingredients that blend together to deliver the best family restaurant experience. Try a different house specialty each time you visit:

Eggplant Parmigiana: Garden-Fresh Eggplant Over Penne Pasta With Mozzarella Cheese & Marinara Sauce $17.49
Trilogy Of Parmigiana: Eggplant, Chicken, & Veal Parmigiana Served Over Penne Pasta With Our Meat Sauce $24.99
Ronaldo's Festival: Cheese Ravioli, Veal, Sausage, Meatball, & Chicken With Meat Sauce and Mozzarella Cheese $25.99
Homemade Meatloaf Italiano: Blended Veal, Pork, & Beef With Sweet Peppers & Herbs, Rolled Around a Layer Of Sliced Prosciutto & Mozzarella Cheese, Then Topped With Our Homemade Gravy & Baked; Served
Over Fettuccini
Steak Ronaldo: A 12-Ounce Sirloin Seasoned & Grilled To Your Liking, Served With Forestiere (Mushroom Sauce) Or Pizzaiola (Fresh Sautéed Vegetable Red Sauce) for an Extra $2.00 $27.49
Italian Stuffed Chicken Cordon Bleu: Chicken Rolled With Prosciutto, Spinach Greens, & Romano & Mozzarella Cheeses; Served Sliced Over Penne With Fresh Basil-Tomato Cream Sauce $23.49
Ronaldo's North End Chicken: Chicken Breast Sautéed With Basil, Sweet Peppers, Sweet Italian Sausage, Red Onion, & Marsala Wine; Finished With Mozzarella Cheese & Marsala Wine Demi-Glaze $25.49